Project 1: Physical Game

Work in teams of 1-6 to create a physical/conventional game such as a board game, trading-card game, or pen-and-paper RPG.

In this project we will consider some of the more pure aspects of game design, doing lots of prototyping and playtesting. The advantage of a physical game is that the iteration time in terms of making design changes can be quite short. When making digital games, you acquire a lot of technical debt and there can be huge development hurdles when making changes.


  1. Prototyping due Friday 4/20.

  2. Production due Monday 4/30.

Project 2: Digital Game

Work in teams of 1-6 to create a digital game using Unity.

GitHub Classroom Repositories can be created here.

Once our conventional games are complete, we will move on to digital games. Digital games often have a more complicated development process, as both the gameplay aspects as well as the technology must be implemented.

You can make a 2D, 2.5D, or 3D game. Networking is possible in Unity, but makes the development process more complicated. Splitscreen is a reasonable alternative if multiplayer functionality is desired.


  1. Physical Prototype due Friday 5/11.

  2. Digital Prototype due Monday 5/21.

  3. Production (completed in three sprints with individual due-dates).

  4. Design Document due Friday 6/8.

  5. Team Evaluations due Friday 6/15.