Physical Game Prototyping - Writeup

This assignment is due on Friday 4/20.

In class we will be doing prototpying of our board games. This will include a few days for construction, time for testing and refinement, then playtesting each other’s prototypes.


I want each team to submit a writeup describing their prototype and the construction process. I’m looking for at least a few pages here. Be descriptive!


Points Content

List of player experience goals for your board game (see p. 10-11 in the book)


Description of prototype construction

  • List of materials
  • Description of your construction - what pieces did you use to represent your game, and what did that representation look like.

Description of foundational rules

  • Turn-based or how does timing work?
  • How does movement work?
  • If dice or other random mechanics come into play, how are they used?

Features/rules and Iteration

  • For each rule: explain the rule, how it worked when you tried it, and whether you decided to keep it.
  • Examples of how iteration was applied
    • I really want to see a solid explanation of how you iterated on your design.

Playtesting results

  • Include thoughts on playtesting both in and outside of team
  • Anything that was confusing to players?
  • Gameplay aspects that will transfer well to the final game
  • Gameplay aspects that are specific to the physical prototype

Formatting and spelling

  • No, or few, spelling, grammar, mistakes
  • Clear use of structure like section headings, lists, paragraphs
  • No walls of text


I recommend using Google Docs or a similar platform so that everyone on the team can contribute easily.

Please send your writeup to me via email, or give me read access (share it) if it’s on a platform like Google Docs. Plain text, an attachment, or a link to the document are all fine. See the Projects page for the due date.